Basic Rules  –  Sorry – but to protect the fish and prevent any unnecessary injury to them and our customers, we ask that you please observe the following simple rules which have been implemented to protect both fish and customers alike:

  1. To protect our more valuable species, please note that Fly / Artificial Lure Fishing is NOT ALLOWED at Hua Hin Fishing Lodge.
  2. To protect our fish from possible toxicity / pollution / poisoning from 01-04-2013 customers are advised that they can no longer bring and use their own bait.
  3. Our tariff includes the provision of one fully equipped fishing rod. Customers may use their own equipment but there will be no reduction in tariff.
  4. If using your own equipment do not use Barbed or Multihooks – they generally lacerate the fish and are unnecessary, our staff will check and have been instructed to crimp any barbs used on customers own tackle.
  5. Please allow our staff to unhook the fish for you – they have experience with our varieties of fish and this will avoid damaging our specimens or possible injury to you. – Thank you.
  6. Photographs – No Problem – BUT – we ask that you do this quickly and also when posing, to keep the fish close to the ground to avoid injury. For the larger specimens such as Arapaima and Giant Mekong Catfish you will have to enter the water – to avoid unnecessary injury and suffering to these valuable specimens. Our staff have been instructed NOT to remove them from the ponds – your compliance with this request is a condition of fishing at Hua Hin Fishing Lodge. Hua Hin Fishing Lodge Co., Ltd reserve the right to charge for the loss of any of it’s specimens lost due to customer non compliance to this rule.

We are sure that as anglers, our customers will understand the need for these basic rules.



Food and Drink

Regrettably due to some customers leaving excessive amounts of litter and bottle tops around the ponds, HUA HIN FISHING LODGE will no longer allow customers to bring their own food and drink onto the premises. We regret taking this action but have done so for the general well being of our customers and to prevent unnecessary littering.

Dogs / Pets

Please note that customers may bring their own dogs / pets onto the site, but please be aware that the Lodge has 3 dogs of its’ own. Our dogs are well behaved and in more than 12 years of operation there has never been any incident involving them.

Opening Hours

Our normal opening hours are 09.00 to 18.30 daily.