Our Philosophy

At Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, we aim to provide simply a great fishing experience, coupled with good service and honest value for money for all of our guests, their families and friends.

Some of our beliefs.........

Some fisheries claim to offer ‘guaranteed catch ponds’. This is generally achieved by over-stocking and under feeding the fish – practices that are detrimental to the well-being of the fish. We will NEVER do this.

Some fisheries artificially feed their stock with pellets and hormonal supplements to encourage rapid and abnormal growth rates. Predatory species are often fed with chicken and / or meat products. We believe that this practice is detrimental to the natural health of the fish.

Our fish live on the natural food of our ponds – weed, crustacean, freshwater prawn, shrimp and crab, together with the fingerlings of the breeding species such as Tilapia (Pla Nin) and Tapien.

They of course obtain food from the ground bait used by our customers, mainly bread and rice flour, together with the small live/dead baits used to tempt our predator species.

As a policy, we NEVER practice artificial feeding to increase our stock size.

What is a NORMAL catch in a normal day

In the angling world it is not uncommon for an angler to ‘blank’ and go home after catching nothing. This has happened on a few but very rare days at Hua Hin Fishing Lodge.

Most customers catch fish during a full day (09.00 to 18.30) at the Lodge.

Between 5 and 10 fish is very common.

Between 10 and 20 fish is often achieved

The current record (as of June 2016) is 42 fish on ONE rod in one day with 11 different species. The record for TWO rods is 44 fish with 7 different species.

Fish are fish – it’s not a circus and we cannot train them – and nor would we want to.

Own food & drink policy

Please do not bring your own food and drink onto the Lodge – We sell a wide range of soft drinks, bottled beers, tea, coffee and water. Our restaurant also provides a good selection of Thai & Western style food. Profit from the restaurant helps subsidise the running costs and thus helps us to minimise the cost of fishing.

Own bait

We do not allow customers to bring and use their own bait – in this way, we can ensure the health of our fish stock Also the profit from the bait sales helps subsidise the running costs and thus helps us to minimise the cost of fishing.

tripadvisor® reviews and facebook ‘likes’

We NEVER pay for tripadvisor reviews or additional ‘likes’ to our review sites. All reviews of Hua Hin Fishing Lodge have been provided by our customers and are their opinion(s) of our services and facilities.

This photo of Hua Hin Fishing Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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